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We provide the services listed below. Check out the Parts and Specialties page.

Cylinder Services

We have cylinder boring capacity from 1.5" to 5.00" for one or more cylinders. All boring is done to a very close tolerance. We also offer a resleeving service for both four and two stroke cylinders.up

Cylinder Head Services

Cylinder head work includes valve facing and reshaping, also valve seat and guide replacement. We have flow bench test capacity to 330cfm. We can also repair damage caused by broken valves, burned up cam journals etc. All valve work is done on our Serdi machines.up

Full Race & Port Flow

The complete port and combustion chamber area is shaped and contoured to maximum flow while maintaining flow velocity for power increases throughout the rpm range. By the way we can do all sorts of good stuff.up

Blueprinted Ports

For those not wishing to radically modify the ports. Port irregularities and casting lumps (called flashings) are removed. The critical area of valve seat to port is blended and the junction of the carb adapter to manifold is also matched and blended. The port is not altered dimensionally. We like to think that this makes the port the way the engine designer intended. up

Competition Valve Job

The valve faces and ends are remachined where possible, the intake valves are given a special double cut. The exhaust seats are given a three angle cut. The intake seats receive a blended four angle cut or full radius cut depending on the application. Finally all valves are hand lapped and checked for correct sealing. All of the seat work is done on our state-of-the-art Serdi valve machine. up

Standard Valve Job

A standard valve job machines the valves and seat area of the head exactly as the manufacturers manual requires.up

Piston Machining

We fly cut valve pockets, reshape crowns and regroove where required. up

Heliarc Welding

We specialize in heliarc welding of cylinder heads and engine cases etc. up

Restoration Refinishing

We restore many vintage and other collector parts. We have available a process for restoring the original factory finish to aluminum castings. This finish does not remove metal but does impart a smooth luster, which compares well with new castings. up



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